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2000 Peugeot 206
Ideal first car! 1.1L great drive! Pug good as ever!!


2000 Peugeot 206 LX

1.1L but surprisingly nippy
59k miles!!

   Tax - 31/01/08
MOT - 17/02/08

Cheap to own (run/insure/tax)

Great first car!!
Great run around car!!

My girlfriend bought it in July '04 for £3800

Shes spent a load of money on it as she treasures it! (1st car)

In fact she loves them so much shes got another one!

Been Done

New Exhaust
From engine manifold all the way to the tip

New drive shaft

2 new CV joints installed
Feb '07

2 new tyres
Feb '07

All new brake pads replaced
Feb '07

Comes With

Pioneer front speakers

Wiring to boot for parcel shelf speakers
Holes already cut for 6x9's

Rear Eagle Eye lights

Black/Pink car mats


It has brilliant mileage for its age!
Only owned by 3 owners!

Overall a great car in good condition!



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